Consulting, content, relationships and events for communication, with no boundaries and a continuous interchange between the real and the virtual. Because the virtual must be substantiated by real events and initiatives that express the content and values of a brand, making them tangible, expanding and prolonging them on the web.


Strategic Consulting

Sharing plans with the client that precisely define priorities, goals, targets, content, actions, timeframe and budget.

  • On and offline communication strategies
  • Positioning
  • Reputation

Media Relations

Creating positive relationships with the media, choosing the right approach and best instruments for reaching the target. Increasing visibility and cultivating reputation, managing extraordinary situations in a timely manner through consolidated relationships with all media, from print to new media to radio and TV.

  • Press office
  • Media monitoring
  • Analysis and optimization of coverage

Corporate Communication

Communicating the client company in its entirety, placing its identity, values and goals at the center of the message.

  • Public relations
  • CSR programs
  • Crisis management
  • Internal communication

Consumer Communication

Realizing campaigns geared to the consumer, capable of bringing the company’s world closer to that of the final user through the synergetic integration of classic communication tools and new media.

  • Product launch and services
  • Sponsorships
  • Product placement
  • Trade shows and exhibitions

Trade Communication

Dialoguing with a strategic target that requires totally dedicated language, actions and timeframe.

  • Roadshows
  • Territorial communication strategies

Digital PR

Synergizing all the places on the web where the company is present, with the aim of building or consolidating its digital ecosystem. Realizing editorial strategies for increasing and optimizing perception of the brand. Devising strategic actions capable of acquiring value offline.

  • Strategic consulting and project definition
  • Listening (sentiment and reputation analysis)
  • Social media strategy
  • Content creation (SEO)
  • Community management
  • Blog & opinion leader relations
  • Online ADV consulting and graphics
  • Monitoring, analytics and reporting


Proposing the best of creativity, organization and turnkey management for events of every kind and scale through solid operational partnerships.

  • Temporary stores
  • Roadshows
  • Inaugurations
  • Company celebrations
  • Fashion shows
  • Conventions
  • Product launches and presentations
  • Open days
  • Special trade show initiatives

Video Production

Using images and sounds to increase the positive perception of a brand and the genesis of a product, recounting its history and the journey of entrepreneurial processes that make it unique. Designing captivating formats for the presentation of product lines and collections, relying for technical realization on the most suitable partners among the many trusted professionals with whom Lead has worked for years.

  • Catalogue/look book videos
  • Emotional videos
  • Product videos
  • Institutional videos
  • Personality videos

TV Product Placement

Strategically positioning a product or brand in a narrative television context.

  • Study of brand positioning
  • Strategy and planning
  • Mediation between client and production company
  • Identifying targets
  • Development and coordination
  • Definition and monitoring

International Campaign Management

Placing at the client’s disposition all the know-how, professional resources and system of relations of Lead’s partners in 30 countries through the IPREX network, with which Lead has collaborated steadily for nearly 10 years, thus ensuring global skills and local sensibility.

  • Direction
  • Coordination