Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


The Monini Prize: A Window on Two Worlds

In 2010 the agency came up with the Monini Prize, “A Window on Two Worlds” with the aim of valorizing and giving greater media visibility to the collaboration between Monini and the Festival dei 2Mondi di Spoleto.

Lead curated and coordinated all the artistic and practical aspects relative to the prize, from consulting on candidate selection to organizing the award ceremony on the terrace of Casa Menotti.

he award was inspired by the homage that Gian Carlo Menotti aid to the audience of the world-famous Festival, saluting them from the window of his historical villa along with celebrated artists, and was awarded by a prestigious jury to the artist whose talent contributed most to affirming the Festival as a showcase of international importance.

John Malkovich Maria Flora Monini Premio Casa Menotti Monini-foto Fabian Cevallos

John Malkovich Maria Flora Monini

Maria Flora Monini e Mikhail Baryshnikov - Premio Monini 2012

Maria Flora Monini and Mikhail Baryshnikov

Zefferino Monini e Adriana Kucerova

Zefferino Monini and Adriana Kucerova

The agency had the idea of portraying the winning artists in the window of Casa Menotti to become part of a gallery of ‘Festival greats’, each year enriching the collection of the Multimedia Archive of the Festival, which is housed in the rooms of Casa Menotti thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Monini.

55° Festival Dei 2 Mondi, Premio Monini Una finestra sui due Mondi Mikhail Baryshnikov John Malkovich Claudio Santamaria Adriana Kucerova








Zefferino Monini Willem Dafoe e Maria Flora Monini

Zefferino Monini Willem Dafoe e Maria Flora Monini

The results? From 2010 to now, 141 outputs on national and local newspapers, magazines, online newspapers, TV and radio on the Monini Prize “A window on two worlds”. Approximate value: € 500,000.