Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


Swiss in a dish

A Digital PR initiative that involved the Italian food blogger community, bringing the Cheeses of Switzerland to the tables of bloggers and the entire web.

A ‘tag team’ contest promoted in collaboration with Peperoni e patate, selected by Lead as the mother blog, which challenged bloggers to reinterpret typical Italian recipes using the three most famous Swiss cheeses: Emmentaler PDO, Gruyère PDO and Sbrinz PDO.

The prize for the winning blogger: a show cooking at the Città del Gusto Gambero Rosso in Naples before a crowd of gourmet enthusiasts from the area, a unique opportunity for visibility in a city that epitomizes fine gastronomy.




After registering, each blogger received 1.5 kg of two of the three cheeses, delivered free of charge to his/her home.

Particular attention was given to identifying distinctive elements that would clearly and attractively signal the product: in addition to the cheeses, the bloggers received the cute red mini-cow, emblem of the Consortium, and an assortment of toothpicks with the Swiss flag that were required to appear in the photos accompanying the recipe – a fun element of “Swissitude” for all the creations.

minimucca_la_svizzera_nel_piatto_01 minimucca_la_svizzera_nel_piatto_02 minimucca_la_svizzera_nel_piatto_03

The submitted recipes were evaluated according to their adherence to the theme of the contest, the culinary quality of the dish, creativity and originality, and visual appeal.  Judging the dishes was a jury composed of Giovanna Frova (CEO, Switzerland Cheese Marketing Italia), Teresa Balzano (soul of the blog Peperoni e patate) and Nicola Miele (chef, Città del Gusto Napoli).

showcooking_5 showcooking_4 showcooking_3


showcooking_2 showcooking_1

The stand-out among all the entries was the elaborately titled ”Yarrow Millefoglie and the Flavors of the Alps: Autumn Symphony”, from the blog Accantoalcamino.

The winning recipe and all the other entries were featured on a dedicated Pinterest board.


accantoalcamino win

Sinfonia d'autunno 3Sinfonia d'autunno 5


105 bloggers registered

147 new recipes using Cheeses of Switzerland published on the web

More than 40 comments on the launch post

More than 30 comments of congratulations on the post announcing the winner 

Many comments on all the recipes from the contest that invaded the web

A viral action that involved not only the blogosphere but the communities of FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram


On launch day, 8,240 Twitter users read the tweets relative to the hashtag #lasvizzeranelpiatto

On the peak days of the contest (launch, publication of recipes, announcement of winner) the diffusion of tweets was consistently around 7,000 accounts reached

On the day of the cooking show more than  40,000 Twitter users read the tweets relative to the hashtags #lasvizzeranelpiatto and #svizzeranelpiatto 

The project found its effective completion in the phase of continuous loyalty promotion and engagement engagement aimed at the participating bloggers.