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San Daniele, the ham for every kind of Italian bread

2011, year of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Consortium , corresponded with the 150th year of Italian unification. To celebrate this important correlation of events, Lead Communication came up with the initiative San Daniele, the Ham for Every Kind of Italian Bread.

Three different types of bread were selected from every one of Italy’s 20 regions, resulting in 60 pairings with San Daniele ham. Then, for every region, a panel of respected wine and food critics selected the bread that married best with the world-famous prosciutto DOP to obtain the 20 most compatible types of Italian bread.

An initiative launched in Milan for the temporary store “Two Weeks with San Daniele” (9-21 May, 2011), and still underway with local events in every region of Italy.

San Daniele e i Pani d'Italia

Vladimir Dukcevich e Fabio Capello

7.Pubblico al Temporary

Pubblico al Temporary