Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


Perlana: Fifty shades of pink for Susan G. Komen Italia

In May 2013 Perlana decided to make its commitment to the cause of women concrete by supporting the activities of the Susan G. Komen Italia foundation, specifically by sponsoring the Race for the Cure in Rome, a 5-km run organized to raise public awareness and raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.

Lead started with “word of mouth”, Perlana’s historic ad claim, designing and implementing an original initiative that would give visibility to the partnership and draw the public to Perlana’s space in the “Village of Health” at the Circus Maximus.

Lead involved more than 50 of the world’s most famous personalities from the art, culture, entertainment and sport spheres in an initiative titled “Fifty Shades of Pink”. This top-notch stable of celebs was asked to try their hand at knitting, each receiving a pair of needles and a ball of pink wool yarn.

In the end 59 of them participated, more than estimated, including Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Rosanna Banfi, the ‘godmothers’ of the event, Nancy Brilli, Luca Zingaretti, Ambra Angiolini, Francesca Senette, Luca Barbareschi, Marta Marzotto, Luisa Ranieri… Even the famous chef Filippo La Mantia, who put his own original twist on the challenge, transforming his yarn into a plate of punk pasta to be eaten with the needles.

Masetti Banfi CucinottaLA MANTIA PER PERLANA

Federico Coccia Veterinario dei VIP


Upon completing their work, the participants’ pieces were sewn together to form a collective ‘painting’ made of pink squares, each autographed by its creator. The work was displayed at the Village and then donated to Susan Komen during the award ceremony in the Circus Maximus, which was entirely colored by pink balloons. It will soon be put up for auction and the funds will contribute to making the lives of women afflicted by this terrible disease a little more ‘rosy’.


Rosanna BanfiIMG_0177



The results? In one month, 32 outputs on national and local newspapers, consumer magazines, online newspapers and radio, amounting to € 600,000 in value and 2 million of contacts.