Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


Love your life

Camomilla Milano blew out its first 30 candles on March 7th: a birthday that also became a major charity event in support of the Fondazione IEO– European Institute of Oncology.

At the heart of the project was a bag, to be filled with new ideas, thus giving rise to the Capsule Collection for the IEO project Love your Life: 30 bags reinterpreted and signed by 30 celebrities, then sold in an online auction. Among the participating VIPs: Antonio and Roberta Murr, Arianna Errigo, Benedetta Parodi, Elena Santarelli, Ellen Hidding, Melissa Satta, Marco Balestri, Riccardo Montolivo and Cristina De Pin, Tania Cagnotto, Marina Ripa di Meana and Nancy Brilli. The project continues….VIPs wanted!

Melissa Satta Ellen Hidding Antonio e Roberta MurrMarinaRipaDiMeana                                           Benedetta Parodi