Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


L’Osservatorio Camomilla Milano

Since 2009, Camomilla Milano has been promoting research on issues of pressing importance for women, society, culture and the market. 

The theme of 2009, curated by Enrico Finzi–AstraRicerche and presented during an event titled “Donne sull’orlo di una crisi di… moda!” (‘Women on the Verge of a Fashion Breakdown’) was centered on the approach to fashion, and to consumer goods in general.

The following year, “To Buy or not to Buy” (once again curated by AstraRicerche) shifted the focus to the behaviors that women assume in points of sale. In 2011 the theme was the feminine unconscious with “La donna di ieri, oggi e domani sul ‘lettino’ della psicolinguistica” (‘The Woman of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow on the Psycholinguist’s Couch’), curated this time by Psychoresearch, which sought to clarify the psychological identikit of the contemporary woman, comparing her values and behaviors to past and future generations.


Camila Raznovich e Grazia Belloni

Camila Raznovich and Grazia Belloni

Cesara Buonamici

Cesara Buonamici


The latest research from 2012, as yet unpublished, again conducted by AstraRicerche, involves various issues and is based on a panel of more than 1,200 interviewees of both sexes between 18 and 54 years old: from the macro-theme of how women are dealing with the current crisis, to the new role specializations of men and women, to the ways people seek out micro-happiness, and lastly a provocative survey of how men would see a world without women.