Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


Gecko Technology

An April Fool’s prank aimed at increasing the visibility of the Emmenthaler PDO brand.

In March 2012, a fake piece of news was spread at the European level about an innovative method for raising livestock: gecko technology (a play on Geco, which means ‘gecko’), whereby gecko lizards would live in symbiosis with Swiss cows, freeing them from the torment of flies. The result? Stress-free cows, sweeter milk, better-tasting Emmenthaler PDO.

GeckoEmmentaler 2 Geco

The strategy for spreading the fake news used social media seeding to circulate the spot on the web; a guerilla campaign with thousands of mini-stickers and postcards depicting the gecko; a web advertorial campaign with animated banners and promo boxes for the online version of Corriere della Sera and the TgCom24 portal; and a TV ad.

The press office revealed the prank on April 1st, 2012.  The results? 103 articles were published on the gecko technology, and the prank was shown on Rete 4 and Italia 1 television news.


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