Here are a few case histories, the best way to discover and understand what we do.


Love your life

Camomilla Milano blew out its first 30 candles on March 7th: a birthday that also became a major charity event in support of the Fondazione IEO– European Institute of Oncology.

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Perlana: Fifty shades of pink for Susan G. Komen Italia

In May 2013 Perlana decided to make its commitment to the cause of women concrete by supporting the activities of the Susan G. Komen Italia foundation, specifically by sponsoring the Race for the Cure in Rome, a 5-km run organized to raise public awareness and raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.

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Swiss in a dish

La svizzera nel piatto

A Digital PR initiative that involved the Italian food blogger community, bringing the Cheeses of Switzerland to the tables of bloggers and the entire web.

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The Monini Prize: A Window on Two Worlds

Premio Monini

In 2010 the agency came up with the Monini Prize, “A Window on Two Worlds” with the aim of valorizing and giving greater media visibility to the collaboration between Monini and the Festival dei 2Mondi di Spoleto.

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Gecko Technology

An April Fool’s prank aimed at increasing the visibility of the Emmenthaler PDO brand.
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San Daniele, the ham for every kind of Italian bread

San Daniele

2011, year of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Consortium , corresponded with the 150th year of Italian unification. To celebrate this important correlation of events, Lead Communication came up with the initiative San Daniele, the Ham for Every Kind of Italian Bread.

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L’Osservatorio Camomilla Milano

Since 2009, Camomilla Milano has been promoting research on issues of pressing importance for women, society, culture and the market.  [ continue reading ]

Temporary World

Lead Communication is a member of the Executive Board of Assotemporary, an association specializing in temporary shops, showrooms, business centers and event spaces.

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Fabbri art prize

Premio Fabbri per l'arte

Founded in 2005 to celebrate the first 100 years of Fabbri 1905, the historic producer of Amarena syrup and client of Lead Communication for 10 years, the Fabbri Art Prize has since become a regular appointment that invites internationally famous artists to reinterpret the history and iconography of Fabbri through works of painting, sculpture and photography.
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Vernel Cristalli: The Enchantment of Light

An evening dedicated to light and a single color: white, whose glow illuminates an enchanted event. This was the vision for “Vernel Cristalli: Incanto di Luce”, created by Lead to present the new fabric softener from Henkel.

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Miluna per Miss Italia

Lead sparkles among the diamonds of the Miss Italia crown.

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Dixan Goes to School

Dixan Goes to School s a contest launched by Henkel in 2001, and since then it has involved more than 500 Italian schools. The contest challenges elementary, middle and high school students to express themselves through projects on the theme of social and environmental sustainability.

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Milan and Rome: the new Kimbo Coffee Hour Lounges live here.

Faced with the task of turning the advertising claim “Kimbo Coffee Hour” into a concrete experience, Lead created a series of events from 2010 to 2012 that involved tens of thousands of people.

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