Twenty years of corporate communication consulting; communication and PR projects for Italian and foreign companies in the B2B and B2C sectors; management of prestigious brands and launching of new ones; high customer loyalty rate ( almost 60% of our clients work with us from three to eight consecutive years); solid accreditation with the media; ready for any challenge (small budgets, tight deadlines); commitment, results and return on investment: this is Lead.



The Lead team is composed of a dozen senior staff, each with years of experience in the fields of media and public relations, digital PR and event organization. Half of them are members of the Association of Journalists..

In addition to team spirit, the defining characteristic of the group is versatility. The different skills and experience of each member are perfectly integrated to ensure a global contribution to every step of every project.

This is a team where the potential of every single member is optimized to the max, not only for the achievement of goals, but to enrich the project in progress with ideas and suggestions. Because the team also puts creativity on the table, and is always ready to process updates and input of various provenance in order to transform them into new ideas.


This is what makes Lead an open-minded agency, capable of surprising its clients with strategies crafted through intuition, empathy and experience.

Anita Lissona, Sole Administrator, journalist/publicist. Member of FERPI (Italian Federation of Public Relations Professionals), the Association of Journalists and, through Lead, Assorel.

Ms. Lissona founded Lead in 1993 on a “creative and transversal” consulting model. Since then Lead has grown steadily, acquiring important new clients every year.

She personally oversees strategic definition and project development for every client. She relies on long-term personal relationships with opinion leaders in the media, cultural institutions and the entertainment business.

What they say about us

"Umanità, professionalità ed uno spiccato attaccamento al brand fanno di Lead una realtà completa, moderna ed efficiente nel mondo della comunicazione di settore."

Rosistella Provinzano

Presidente Gruppo Lucano 1894

"Lead helped us sift through our history and distill it into a concise narrative. Thanks to them, years and years of documents and images became the mirror of our excellence, all contained in a book that we’re very proud of. Lead also worked alongside us in baptizing the new high-end line ‘Le Due Regine’. Two examples that show how well the agency understood the spirit of innovation and tradition that defines our company. "

Antonio Amato

Antonio Amato & C. Molini e Pastifici

"If Camomilla were a flower, Lead would be its scent. If Camomilla were a child, Lead would be its babysitter. If Camomilla were a mirror, Lead would be its reflected image. If Camomilla were a woman, Lead would be her closest friend… I could go on for hours :-)"

Francesca Belloni

Camomilla Milano

"Wine, culture and hospitality are the themes that Lead worked on from 2005 to 2008, conducting a diffusion project, well integrated with the company, during which Anita Lissona demonstrated her ability to interpret the multifaceted corporate and cultural realities of Cantina Lungarotti, the affiliated Fondazione Lungarotti and its hospitality structures, Hotel Tre Vaselle and Agriturismo Poggio alle Vigne, working with equal ease in both the leisure and agribusiness sectors."

Chiara Lungarotti

Amministratore Unico Cantine Giorgio Lungarotti

"Cielo Venezia 1270 is a company that set itself the difficult challenge of making dreams come true. From the dream of beauty embodied in Miss Italia, to the happiness that one finds in an exceptional jewel. Explaining one’s dreams, however, is very difficult. Yet Lead, by our side for four years, always manages to find the right words. Thanks to them, more and more people share our ‘vision’, and are disposed to transform dreams into true innovation."

Sergio Cielo

President, Cielo Venezia 1270

"Professionalism, enthusiasm and passion. These are the values that we have always sought in our collaborations, and in Lead we have been sharing them since 2003. Since then, the Lead team, led by the extremely capable Anita Lissona, has earned the credit for bringing our mission and our company values to the world."

Antonella Tolomelli

Direttore marketing Fabbri 1905

"In developing the promotional strategy for the campaign ”If You speak Fashion, You Speak Italian”, Lead achieved results that surpassed all expectations, with concrete coverage in both print and TV media. In organizing the events connected to the promotion, Lead was able to show foreign guests the best principles of Italian hospitality."

Luciano Bernardini de Pace

President, Magazine International
Associated with Hearst Corporation
(ICE partner and promoter of the
initiative among American buyers)

"We were looking for a PR agency that could represent us at our best. We thought we’d look by following a rather unusual plan: seek direct advice from those who work every day with PR agencies. Lead was the only name that was unanimously recommended! Since then our professional relationship has been characterized by growing reciprocal esteem and winning PR operations, not to mention the occasional glass of wine and lots of fun!"

Giovanna Frova

CEO, SCMI Swiss Cheese Consortium